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In today's tough economic times more and more people are using coupons than ever before to save money on everything from food to health and beauty products. is an Online site that gives you access to hundreds of name brand coupons to help you save money on all those necessities of life and even a few luxuries as well.  This site is designed to help you find the coupons you need in an organized, quick and easy way. What makes it different? does offer many benefits to those wishing to use coupons as a way of making their budgets stretch.

  • This site has hundreds of coupons to choose from daily

  • The coupons are for brand name products that most stores carry

  • They offer you a membership to get even more savings but, don't require you join in order to use the site to save money.

  • The site is easy to navigate

  • They offer “luxury” deals as well as deals on necessities.

  • If you wish you can get a newletter advising you of deals when they become available.

Best Available Coupon: vs. primary competitors (sites similar to seems to be a comparable site to In some ways the two sites are very much alike. Both sites are easy to navigate, have a lot of product coupons to choose from and you have to install their coupon printer to print the coupons. They are also different in that while a few of the products are the same brand names many are different giving you different choices to choose from.

While seems to offer more product coupons and therefore is probably the better choice if you want to get your coupons from only one site, there is no reason why consumers can't choose the products they want from both sites. Since so few of the products are the same, these two coupon sites can work to your benefit as they really are not competing with one another. Product images & screenshots Coupons Detailed review

There have been all kinds of articles, talk show spots and even real life experiences where people have discovered they can actually cut hundreds of dollars from their grocery bill a year by using coupons. The key is finding the coupons that save money on the products you actually use. To that end people who are dedicated and even desperately in need to saving costs on their grocery bill find themselves checking out coupons wherever they go in the hope that they can spot even one or two coupons that will save them a few cents on this or that needed item. is an Online site that is dedicated to helping you find a few of the coupons a little more easily. Here are a few categories which they offer coupons to help save you money.

  • Food products (cereals, juices, biscuit mixes, instant rice and many other food choices)

  • Health and beauty aids ( Bath soap, mouth wash, aspirin, even baby formula)

  • Household cleaners

  • Pet care items ( dog and cat food and other items)

  • Toys and games

  • clothing

The site also offers coupons and money saving on eye glass prescriptions, videos, family portraits, restaurant coupons and other types of services. Some of the coupons are for a few cents to $1.00 off on the products, others are buy one or two and get one free and still others are percentages off if you spend a certain amount. Most of the products are well known name brands such as Bayer, Pedicare, Listerine, General Mills, Similac and many others.

How works

Using is simple. You log on to the site, check out the coupons and click on those you want to print out and use. You then print out the coupons using their coupon printer that you do need to download. You can also register for a savings card to get automatic discounts on items you use a lot.

To get a savings card you have to register with add a savings card to your account (there are no fees) then go back to gallery and pick out coupons for those items you want to add to your card and when you type in the savings card number at the checkout you will automatically get the savings from the items you selected. However, if you plan on using both coupons and savings card keep in mind that you cannot use both a coupon and the coupons savings on the card for the same product. So make sure you only list those frequently used items on your savings card and use coupons for those once in a while items.

Besides having coupons that anyone can print and use, they also offer more special savings for those people who become members of

Why Do You Need The Coupon Printer?

Because offers you hundreds of coupons a day they don't display the coupons in a manner that stores actually accept. The coupon printer will actually print out the coupons just like the ones stores accept, so all you have to do is hand the coupon in at the register to get your savings.

A search of coupon review sites did not reveal many reviews of or Even sites that did side by side comparisons of sites offering coupons to the public. This is less of a statement on how rates than it is a statement regarding how many different coupon sites there are available for the public to explore in finding money saving coupons. Overall, that is a good thing in terms of the savvy consumer, because it enables them to choose coupons from many different sites Of which is just one. The one review of that could be found was an expert review in which the experts found that offered “a wide variety of timely coupons.” paraphased from "Five Best Coupon-Clipping Websites"

So why visit rather than some other site? For one thing most of their products are big name brands that you can find almost anywhere. Some of the other sites carry products popular in certain regions but, that may not be offered nationwide.

The site is also easy to access and use and they have categories that you can choose from if you are just looking for a certain type of product. While might not be the only coupon site you will want to visit, it should certainly be on your list to explore if you like using name brands and saving money at the same time.

Best Available Coupon:
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